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Name:azarus, Саша Пауновић


2020-05-10Alpine Linux WiFi/Ethernet setup (bonding)
2018-09-06SSH recommendations
2018-02-09OpenBSD WiFi 802.1X WPA-EAP
2017-12-26Why I switched to OpenBSD
2017-09-03New USB QEMU syntax


2018-03-18Props to!
2018-12-28Rockbox awesomeness
2018-11-02Motorcycle Quickshifting
2018-10-04NAS considerations
2018-10-04PC Engines online store

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Feel free to reach me over:

XMPPazarus at azarus dot ch
IRCazarus at {freenode,oftc,others}
E-Mailazarus at posteo dot net


These are here so you can maybe ask me about maintenance and stuff. I dunno \o/

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